Cross-Cultural Events

Bridging cultural gaps

Specific programs are available for migrants to interact with locals, bridge the gaps and learn more about the history and context of the host country and in turn, share their culture and history.

Cultural events play an important role in the:

a)development of social skills;

b) Strengthen the unity of the community.

c) They help develop the skills of cooperation and dialogue.

Activities may be covered depending on requirements.

  • ¬†Interaction with locals and local authorities
  • ¬†Australian political history
  • Experiencing Different Cultures through Food, Music, and Celebration

What We Provide



These activities will help you:

a)gain more understanding about local history which can help you make sense of the new place.

b) enhance your social and interpersonal skills in the new community. Individuals who demonstrate effective communication skills across cultures are much more likely to motivate others and be able to lead with influence and confidence.

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