#1 Life in the new country will be always paradise.

Recently I had a conversation with a friend who left his home country 20 years ago and came to Australia. He described and exalted the habits and food culture of his birth nation as if he was still there. This got me thinking about a common problem migrants face: holding on tight to an image of the home they left years ago. This is not a smart idea and here is why.

I think is relevant to have this conversation as many migrants think it is impossible or should not redefine belonging in the new country. One of the reasons we say this could perhaps be because we don’t understand what redefining belonging is like or what that means.

September , 2022

One of the issues faced by migrants when they settle in a new country is gradually becoming a “second-class citizen” in the new country.  Immigration comes with loss and yet sometimes migrants assume that their previous social and professional life back home will just fly across and remain the same in the new country. With …

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The cost of immigration Immigration can provide you with opportunities to study and work overseas, and in some cases find asylum and perhaps find the love of your life, abroad. Yet when you find yourself in a different nation, your sense of belonging will be challenged and bruised. Here is how. First, there will be …

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